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A Brief Overview on Beginners’ Guide to Vibrators

Vibrators are often the first pick when you are about to foray into the world of sex toys. They are easy to use, light in weight and assure excellent orgasmic delight. You can use them alone for a titillating solo play or with your partner as well. Are you too planning to plunge into vibrator bandwagon but little confused on how to start off? Well, nothing to worry – the post below has laid n expert guide for beginners to make things more convenient for you.

Types of vibrators

Let’s get acquainted with the different types of vibrators first.

G-spot vibrator

These are strategically designed to be curvy to stimulate your G-spot at its best. You will find them with girthy head and upward curve for maximum stimulation- much to the pleasure of the user. If you want to use a vibrator during squirting and for optimum G-spot stimulation, the G-spot vibrator will be great for you. You will get these vibrators in varied speed settings as well as functions for convenient use as per your specifications.

Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators are no less than tiny bombs of orgasm. These mini vibrators are designed in size of spitzer bullets which assures easy portability. Most importantly, the small size is especially amazing for intense and direct clitoral stimulation. If you want to use a vibrator during penetration sex without blocking your partner-bullet vibrators are the thing for you.

Clitoral vibrators

As the name says, you can assume these vibrators are especially designed to stimulate the clitoris. The most popular ones are shaped like cups and point-like tips. These are usually bigger in size compared to bullet counterparts and hence are able to cover a greater area. If you want a vibrator especially for clit stimulation, clitoral vibrators are the thing for you.

Rabbit vibrators

If you wish to double up the fun quotient, don’t look beyond rabbit vibrators. These are all-dancing, all-dancing vibrators which are especially designed for dual stimulation bliss. The focal point of a rabbit vibrator is a clit stimulator branching away from main shaft. It’s this exclusive design which enables both internal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Some modern rabbit vibrators embody a motor in upper shaft which enables the toy tip to spin merrily in circles or rock sideways or come up with a stronger upward thrust. Such motorized functions amp up the sensation level big time. Those with multiple motors reward you with even more amazing stimulation from each part of your toy.

Butterfly vibrators

You don’t always need to keep your hands occupied to enjoy the vibrators- courtesy butterfly vibrators. These vibrators are to be worn on the body just like a pair of knickers to experience hands-free vibration. Such vibrators are designed in the pattern of clitoral stimulator that comes in shape of butterfly with wings spread. If you want to experience external stimulation while having penetration sex, these vibrators will be really handy. Some of these vibrators come with insertable shaft for simultaneous external and internal stimulation. Besides, as these vibrators assure hands-free stimulation, you can use your hands for other things as well- such as arousing yourself or your partner.

Realistic vibrators

The realistic vibrators are especially designed as penis to ensure a perfect mood for a sensational stimulation. Some of them even come up with textured effect to make things more realistic. A realistic vibrator will be handy when you are missing your male partner badly.

Know the materials

You will find vibrators in a wide ensemble of materials.


Plastic is a very common pick for its amazingly smooth surface, vivid shades as well as easy affordability. As plastic embodies solid firmness, it can transfer vibrations easily which transcends to greater stimulation. But, plastic ones don’t usually carry advanced motors.

Latex, PVC & rubber

Then, there are latex, PVC and rubber vibrators. These are also economical options and come up with greater range of special features compared to the plastic counterparts. Besides, the rubber toys are durable, firm and enable easy penetration.

TPR and TPE vibrators

These are phthalate-free jelly versions that are soft, flexible yet adequately firm for smooth penetration. Jelly vibrators were common a few years back but now you will hardly find them. Clitoral, G-spot and rabbit vibrators are mostly made of TPR and TPE. In regards to price, these are mostly mid-ranged toys.


If you want the safest of all materials, silicone vibrator is the thing for you. Silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic and highly durable. Moreover, silicone toys are extremely sleek and smooth which boosts the overall sensation big time. But, silicone ones are slightly more expensive than other counterparts. So, if money is not a problem for you, look no further than silicone options.


Metal vibrators are a winner with their posh looks and ultra-smooth surface. And as we know, metal is always firm which means a metal-made vibrator assures excellent vibration. Moreover, the metal ones are always durable and can embody high end long-lasting motors. But then again, metal ones are little on the pricey side.

Brief on usage

You must be extremely careful while using your vibrator as it is something that will touch your most delicate parts. Thus, you should clean the vibrator with soapy water properly each time after and before you use it. Make sure not to use any harsh detergent. It’s best to go for herbal chemical-free soaps. After you wash it, you must dry the toy thoroughly before using it or storing it. It’s best to wrap it in condom while using the vibrator with your partner. it will help to prevent fluid exchange in between two bodies.

Be gentle when you are inserting a vibrator inside your body. A vibrator is usually harder compared to penis. Thus, you have to be extra cautious while inserting in your body. Make sure to apply plenty of lube both on the vibrator and your vagina/clit/anus where you wish to insert it.

If you are planning to use the same vibrator for both vagina and anus- always clean and wash the vibrator properly after using it in anus and before inserting it in vagina and vice versa.

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