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About Us

According to PornHub, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are among the horniest cities in the world. That’s when Australia landed on the 9th spot in terms of website traffic. There is no doubt that Aussies love being down under!

Interns Australia aims to promote Australian porn to a bigger audience. We talk about Australia’s porn industry, feature homegrown talents, and give you an inside look of what goes into a porn film production. What is porn without talking about sex? We have plenty of content that will satisfy your curiosity about sex. Be it about improving your sexual performance, solving your sexual problems, or the most useful products that help you satisfy your wild beast inside you, we got you covered!

Our team consists of vibrant people from Brisbane, so you can expect content that your Australian ass can relate to! Just do not forget to support us by visiting us regularly! Refer us to your friends and follow us on our social media pages!