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Anal Vibrators are Great for Sexy Backdoor Fun

Vibrators are usually meant for clitoral and G-spot stimulation and hardly offer anal stimulation. While clit or G-spot stimulation is great to excite your senses, anal stimulation is no less impactful. In fact, it’s the anus where we have all our nerve endings.  And the anal region is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Thus, anal stimulation is a good way to pave your way to that dream orgasm. But, as mentioned previously, most vibrators don’t allow much of anal stimulation. However, no worries, you have anal vibrators today that are especially meant to sizzle up your backdoor game.

What are anal vibrators?

As the name says, these vibrator toys are specifically meant for the stimulation of anal area of both women and men. They are also called “prostate stimulators” sometimes as some of the anal vibrators are also designed prostate massage. In regards to size, the anal ones are relatively smaller in comparison to the regular vibrators for clit stimulation. Most of them are around 4-6” and 1” in width. a major factor that differentiates anal vibrators from other vibrators is their design. The anal vibrators usually come up with a strong flared base so that they don’t get lost inside the rectum.

These vibrators mostly run on battery and are handy to carry. Unlike the anal dildos, the anal vibrators can generate a wide range of stimulating effects –such as pulsating, vibrating and rotating sensations. They usually feature various vibration or speed levels so that you can customize the sensations as per your typical needs.

The types

Anal vibrators come in various formats-

Vibrator butt plugs

These are butt plugs carrying vibrators to create a sexy buzzy sensation inside your backdoor. As these toys are designed to stay stuck inside your rectum, they can offer the dual benefits of fullness and vibration simultaneously. You can enjoy them while playing solo or while enjoying vaginal sex with your man.

Anal probe vibrators

Anal probe vibrators are usually smaller in size in comparison to the option mentioned above. They work to slide inside your rectum and once they are inside they create the stimulating vibrating sensation. Thanks to their small size and narrow shape, they are easy to handle and hence great for beginners.

Vibrating anal balls and beads

These are a bunch of small balls or beads that are joined together via an elongated retrievable cord which is again connected to a handy power control. You have to constantly insert them and pull out to stimulate the backdoor. And, in the meantime, you will also enjoy some arousing buzz that will fill you with great orgasmic delights.

Tips on using anal vibrators

Are you looking forward to get an anal vibrator to spice up your bedroom game? That’s sexy and here is a brief guide for a safe and sizzling backdoor fun with anal vibrator.

Anal douching is important

Anal douching is extremely important for any kind of anal play, including anal vibrator ride. Clean yourself thoroughly to eliminate risks of unwanted filthy endings after you take out the vibrator out of your rectum. There are anal douche tools available today and you can use them for a squeaky clean backdoor.

Get into the groove

Orgasm is a gradual process. It needs the right mood and body. You can’t start off your anal vibrator just like that and expect immediate orgasm. First, you will have to get yourself into the groove. Put simply, you will have to prepare your body and mind for it.

After you are done with douching, get a shower to relax yourself. If you have your partner with you, tell him to get a shower as well. You may enjoy the shower together to spice things up even before you take the vibrator.

After shower, put on a sexy lingerie to excite your partner. You may or may not wear your panty. Some women prefer to wear the panty to enjoy the thrill of having their partner rushing it down their knees with their teeth. Once you two are set, get into the bed with the vibrator. A passionate foreplay will be great here. So, let your partner touch and pamper you and do the same with him.

Lube up

This is another crucial tip to remember while engaging in some great anal fun with your anal vibrator. It’s to stress here, the anal region cannot produce lubrication naturally. Thus, you will have to lube up the area and your vibrator first to ensure a smooth glide through the backdoor.

Make sure to get a lube that is compatible with the material of the anal toy. But, first, you will only lubricate the anal area.

Engage in finger play

If it’s your first time with an anal toy, you should always start with your finger. After you lube up the anal region, you must lube up your finger as well. If you are with your partner, lubricate his finger before he inserts it into your anal. The fingerplay is important to get the feel of an external thing inside the rectum before you actually start with a toy. It would also help you to understand the level of pressure or intensity comfortable for you.

Insert the anal vibrator

Finally, when you have got a hang of anal play with an external thing, it’s time to start the action with your anal vibrator. But, before you proceed, lube up the toy and your anal region once again. Then, ask your partner to slowly insert the toy inside to stimulate you from the back.

Final words

When you are just staring out with an anal vibrator, always go for a small one. Once you get used to a small and slim one, you can then easily graduate to large sizes. In fact, some of the anal vibrators come in sets of 3-4 vibrators of varying sizes.

Besides, make sure to check the reviews and ratings of the toy before you get it for you. The one you choose should be made of medical-grade material and must be backed by happy customers. We always look at lovegasm reviews as they are already an established brand and have received enough reviews to check before buying.

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