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If you thrive on the tech side of blogging, you can earn money managing our blog. Many bloggers dislike using WordPress. Probably because we don’t really understand how it works, and we feel outside of our comfort zone every time we log in.

The candidate we need should:

• Update plugins
• Ensure WordPress stays up-to-date
• Backing up the site regularly
• Uploading posts to WordPress, formatting them, adding images, and scheduling them for publication
• Responding to comments
• Sifting through spam comments to ensure nothing is there by mistake
• Changing the theme
• Adding pages
• Managing on-site ad placement
• Ensuring all legal requirements are in place
• Installing important plugins
• Making changes to the site using CSS or HTML
• Troubleshooting tech problems
• Integrating paid services such as LeadPages

Not all these tasks are highly technical, so don’t feel like you must be a super techie to manage a blog. You can specialize in what you do best. Just make sure your services page spells out exactly what is included so we understand the scope of your offerings.