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The Truth About Penile Fractures


Okay, gentlemen…

If you easily feel nauseous at the thought of a swift kick in the nuts, turn away now. Because the following information will make your stomach twist and jaw drop.

Today, we’re talking about penile fractures.

Aka. breaking your dick.


… WHAT?!?!


Yep, despite the fact it’s nothing but flesh and fluids, it is possible to “break” your penis. Well, more of a rupture, tear, or trauma.

Still will me?

For those of you who have forgotten your grade school health and anatomy classes, an erection is “made” from the following:

  • Two big tubes (corpora cavernosa, plural) – they are sponge-like tissue that fills with blood when you’re aroused.
  • Encasing tissue (tunica albuginea) – the skin around the two big tubes.
  • One small tube under the penis (urethra) – this is where you pee from.


There’s a lot more to it, but we will stick with these basics for now.




First of all, you can relax. Penile fractures are quite uncommon. It’s not like every time you get in your car there’s a risk of crashing. There’s also an even less chance with M/M intercourse.

However, in the rare event it DOES happen, it can happen because of:

  • Forcible bending of the penis during intercourse (highest on the list of causes)
  • A fall, car crash, or accident that causes a hard blow (heh) to the erection
  • “Traumatic” masturbation


Although, seriously … traumatic masturbation?! How hard is someone stroking??


Anyway, what happens is that when you have a boner, and there’s excess pressure, the engorged tissue/tubes can’t take it and rupture. So, while we might say you’ve “broken” something, in fact, you’ve torn it.



One of the safest is “man on top”, mostly because he can control the thrusting. However, that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. You can be thrusting, pull out, and hit her perineum really hard.

The “riskiest” things:


  • Person on Top
  • Doggy Style
  • Anal sex
  • Insane handjobs
  • Jelqing
  • Bending to get rid of an erection


With the sex positions, the person on top can come down with their full body weight and the penis can get blocked (and then bent) at the entrance of the orifice (although, or some reason, vaginal intercourse runs a higher risk because of the pelvic bone or perineum).

An abusive hand job and jelqing might bend things the wrong way by accident, however, in the Middle East, it’s common to bend your trouser snake to try to get rid of an unwanted erection.


Then there is anal sex – something many men wish their girls would do for them.


The anal muscles are STRONG and can create enough squeeze that the excess pressure could rupture your “tubes”. That’s why it’s VITAL to warm up your partner with lots of lube, foreplay, sex toys, and/or anal trainers.

I bet the “Oops, wrong hole, honey” scares the shit out of you now.




Oh, you’ll know. It’s like asking if you’ll know when you get kicked between the legs.

Aside from severe pain, you could experience:

  • Sudden loss of the erection
  • Bruising
  • Blood leaking from the penis or when you urinate
  • Difficulty urinating
  • A bent penis


SIDE NOTE: Some doctors have compared the result of the bleeding and bruising to your penis looking like … an eggplant.



I’ll say this one more time, PENILE FRACTURES ARE VERY RARE. You have to be going at it pretty hard.


When they do happen, it’s NOT something you should hide because you’re embarrassed and just hope it will heal naturally. These injuries are serious, and you need to go to the doctor within 3 days of the injury.

Although treating in the first 24 hours is best.

You might need a cavernosography (a special x-ray and the most common way to view the fracture), ultrasound, MRI, or urination test(to see if the urethra has been damaged, which happens to 38% of men who get this kind of injury).

After they find the rupture, you’ll most likely need minor surgery to stitch things up (the actual treatment is pretty simple). If it’s bad, you’ll need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Next will be follow up appointments to check on healing, blood flow, etc.

Oh, and no sex for at least a month.




Yep, but remember…

The ordeal of a hospital visit and a brief period of celibacy is nothing compared to the problems that can pop up if you ignore it.

You can also minimize the (already low) risk by having your partner “rock back and forth” instead of hopping up and down on your penis like a pogo stick.

After that, forget penis stretching exercises, don’t use weird objects to masturbate, and re-evaluate how you do doggy style – don’t pull it out and shove it back in as if you were a porn star and keep a ready hand to help guide things back in.

Also, you may rest a bit easier knowing that this can only happen when you’re hard. Your flaccid buddy is 100% safe.

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